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Stop being your inner Critic and step into your inner Lover in this 6-week program.

If you really want to like yourself, but you are overwhelmed by all the old stories or just feel a ton of resistance to really allowing yourself to be happy with you, this is the program for you.

Would you like to shift:

The negative talk-track in your head to be more supportive and loving?

Analysis paralysis and decision-anxiety to instant, intuitive choice?

Wanting to be invisible to feeling good about how you show up?

Feeling inadequate to seeing and using your gifts and magic?

The shaming messages saying you SHOULD be grateful or happy to supportive guidance on how you can use your gifts and magic in new ways?

I want you to AUTHENTICALLY feel amazing about the divine being you are… no matter where you are in life or what you think is stopping you.

They could find self-love & you can too:

Just a few of my clients & their ratings of their own self-love...


Started at 1, now at 8!!

"Christina gave me a direction.
Not what to do, but what to
focus on."


Started at 2, now at 8!!

I heard myself saying "I really like
me. I wish there were more of me to hang out with."


Started at 4, now at 9!

"Christina teaches people what it means to be human & to embrace it."

My story:

Hi I'm Christina Smith and I am a recovering self-loather.

My resistance looked like this:

#1 I thought I had to be perfect to be worthy of self-love.

#2 I thought I would love myself when the circumstances were right.

#3I had so many judgments of myself it was hard to be loving.

#4 I enjoyed comfort more than growth (and it wasn't more comfortable - just more familiar)

#5 I over-analyzed my choices (like the wrong shampoo would be the end of me).

If this sounds familiar, you aren't alone and...

We can shift these. You can shift these.

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All the support you need!

You'll have tools, group support, and a coach to guide you. 

On the Online Portal:


Loving energy for gentle shifts. Your inner wisdom knows and archetypes can gently pull it out.


The gentlest tool for creating shifts is visualization. We'll tap into your inner wisdom even if you don't know you know, because you do.


You'll be offered ways to honor yourself and make you a focus of your authentic love and compassion.

And there's bonuses!

Join the Waitlist!

Be the first to know when the next one runs!

Love from my clients...

"Visualizations really help me know myself and work with myself from the inside out and the writing exercises have me asking all things I’ve never asked myself. Christina truly has insight into so much about our worlds inside and what’s going on. The group is great too! It’s powerful to have people to come back to regularly to share our discoveries."


Unlocking Authentic Self-Love is for you if:

  • You are tired of wanting to be ANYONE else and comparing yourself to others.
  • You are ready to stop the Shame Spiral and get unhooked for good.
  • You want to see more of your gifts and magic so you can see why you have so much to offer the world.
  • You are ready to feel authentic love and compassion for yourself so you can share that love and compassion with those around you.
  • You are finally ready to show up as the divine being you are so you can walk your path with confidence.
  • You are tired of just being positive and ignoring the ickiness below.

More love...

"I'm so glad that I am participating in this group, and as ever appreciative of your facilitation style and all the skills/flair that goes with that, the quality materials and the organization. It's a combination of multiple factors --and I think I can identify many! Not saying that it's easy ;) so the difference is, that it's happening!"


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Be the first to know when the next one runs!

And even more love...

"I have the power to create my own happiness in life while I love myself fully. I matter, Dammit!"


"Grounded. Informative. Connected. Christina knows how to teach, lead and share. She is an impressive coach."



How much time will this take? I'm busy.

We all are. It's our culture to be busy, so I understand. All the tools are in the journal and portal, so it's available at any time.

How much you do is up to you. At a minimum:

  • 10 minutes a day to set intentions in the morning & high-level review each day.
  • Weekly: 90-minute call with us (or review the recording)
  • Weekly: 15 minutes for a weekly review


  • 20 minutes a day: to do the journal intentions, review & reflection question of the day
  • 90+ minute weekly gathering & stay for questions & sharing
  • Weekly review (15 minutes)
  • 2-3 times a week, try a visualization or alignment/ritual

This is a practice, so perfection isn't required. If you miss a day, just pickup where you left off.

What if I don't think I can love myself?

I get this too. I had so much I didn't like, it didn't even feel possible to feel okay about me, let alone have really good feelings for myself.

What if I said just by focusing on your magic and gifts, you'll see it?

Possibility is cracked open little by little. That's what we'll do. You'll see yourself differently and you'll be open to seeing even more ways you can expand.

Plus, we have those bonus private sessions so we can work on this together. You'll have a guide to help you get clarity on what you need to move forward into more self-love.

Is this all about being positive?


I resent toxic positivity. I want you to have authentic feelings and thoughts… meaning a more balanced perspective of you.

We get real. We look at all perspectives. We accept ourselves fully - warts and all. Because we're human, not perfect.

We'll also talk about managing the uncomfortable feelings and thoughts so when they do try to march back in, we recognize them without allowing them to take over.

It's real personal growth work, not just putting a bow on it and calling it a gift. However, it is gentle with the right tools and staying open to seeing more.

One of my favorite love notes:

"I use the tools I've learned from Christina ALL THE TIME. I often don't even know I'm using what I learned until after the situation has passed. The tools I've learned have helped me at work (making me feel much more confident about myself, what I contribute, and where my power lies) and at home (allowing me to be more connected with myself and my husband)."


What we'll be sure to cover:

  • The power of embodying archetypes to instantly shift energy
  • How to manage uncomfortable feelings and thoughts without dismissing or ignoring them
  • How to create more balanced visions of ourselves with more clarity, connection, and introspection
  • The gifts you do not think are gifts, so you can see all the evidence of your magic
  • What your natural intuitive nature is all about
  • Ways we can physically bring self-love into our lives so that any cell of our body is in alignment
  • How we create more balanced visions of ourselves with greater clarity, connection, and introspection
  • The divine feminine within you so that you don't have to EARN your own love and admiration.

It's jam-packed and you'll have the tools forever.

Join the Waitlist!

Be the first to know when the next one runs!

More from my clients...

"I feel very comfortable sharing with Christina because she has made it clear that she has gone through her own issues and done a lot of work to be in a better place now. So I see that she understands and is someone I can learn from in a very genuine way. She has done the work herself so that now she can take me through the process with compassion and empathy. "


To Summarize, you'll get:

Six weekly 90-minute sessions 

with additional time for Q&A and sharing

The Online Portal

which has all the visualization, alignments & recordings

The Practice of Unlocking Authentic Self-Love Journal

to walk you through your daily practice & keep you focused

Group Support

we'll share a Facebook group so you can share or connect

Email access anytime

have a late thought? I'll answer quickly (within 24 hours)

& these unbelievable bonuses:

ONE private 30-minute coaching sessions

to schedule before, during, or after the program

Printed Journal in your Mailbox!

because we love the ready-to-use tangible things

TWO Group Follow-Up Check-ins

continue using what you learned with ongoing support

There's more love, but we'll end with these...

"Christina is an amazing woman. She brings insight and perspective and shares in such a loving way. She, personally, has helped me shift and grow."


"Such simple answers sometimes that hit you to your core and enlighten your surroundings in a way never viewed before."


What we'll learn:

Isn't it time you changed the way you feel about you?

Have questions?

Email me: